Frequently Asked Questions about Diesel Generators


The white smoke reason

The reason why the diesel generator emits white smoke when it is running is that there is water in the fuel. The generator runs fine, then the smoke starts to turn white and then stays white, which means you have some water in your fuel system. This usually happens with diesel generators when there is a trace of water or a leak within the fuel system. The fuel in the cylinder burns with moisture, producing milky white smoke. If this continues, you will find that the generator starts to shake. It may have difficulty supporting the load and may cause the load to drop.

Why is there no pressure on the diesel engine?

The oil pump is faulty. Common oil pumps include rotor pumps and gear pumps. The machining of the gear pump is a bit rough. If you do not handle the gasket well, it is easy to cause oil leakage. It is easy to install the rotor pump backwards, which will lead to a significant drop in oil output. After a long period of use, excessive wear will cause the oil pressure to drop. When installing the oil pump, we need to bleed out the air first. Otherwise, the oil quantity will be abnormal due to the presence of air.

Repairing in time

A clogged pipe or a dirty oil filter will cause insufficient oil pressure. It is necessary to clean up the blocking sundries and clean up the oil pressure in time. We need to bleed the air out of the pipes. At the same time, we must also pay attention to whether the radiator is leaking, and if found, it must be repaired in time.

Oil pressure fluctuations

Because it is a high-pressure circuit, safety valves are designed on the oil circuit. If the safety valves are aging, the spring performance will be poor and other problems will cause oil leakage, resulting in a drop in oil volume. In the same way, if the oil return valve is abnormal, it will also cause oil pressure fluctuations or drops.

Replacing new oil

If the oil is too dirty, the oil suction plate will be blocked, and the oil pressure will not be stable. At this time, it is necessary to replace the new oil and clean the oil suction plate. The bearing bush inside the engine and the crankshaft are worn out, and the gap is large, which will also cause insufficient oil pressure. In this case, overhaul is required.