Portable Open Type Diesel Generators

ITCPower provides portable open type diesel generators below 15kva, with complete certificates for each model, and one-year warranty for the products, and technical support throughout the process.

First of all is outlook. Except 10kw and 12kw generators, ITCPower open type diesel generators have two different frame design. Its rugged design can fit most usage condition or environment. Secondly, control panel will be different based on the final sales country’s different demand and actual situations. Thirdly, 100% ITC-produced engine completely meets the EU standards and can reach EURO V emission standard. Our air cooled diesel engines are designed for different fields with applying different type of engine shaft output part, such as keyway, thread, taper shaft output.

ITCPower portable open type diesel generators can provide the reliable power output, low fuel consumption and low oil consumption. Ordering generators from ITCPOWER, you will get both product and full product service, such as parts book, high-quality photo for sales promotion, 24-hour tech support and after-sale service.


If you are interested in portable open frame diesel generators, please contact us via form or email, we will reply as soon as possible.

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