External Fuel Tank

The ITCPower fuel tank is a transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tank, that offers an efficient solution for on-site fuelling and auxiliary supply. With its fully transportable design and ability to fuel multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, the ITCPower fuel tank will save you time and double or triple the run times of your equipment.

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Capacity (Nominal / safe fill)940 / 910 litres2048 / 1970 litres2975 / 2885 litres
Dimensions (L*W*H)1132*1132*1294 mm2264*1132*1294 mm2264*1500*1294 mm
Weight (empty / full)457 / 1256 kg780 / 2520 kg1062 / 3590 kg
Design approvalsUL142, CAN/ULC-S601, UN-IBC, AS-1692 2006, ADG, VLAREM, KIWA


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