Industrial Diesel Generator-DEUTZ

22kW/22kVA maximum output and single-phase supply, a longer lifespan and better economy.
Stationary genset suitable for both standby or prime power supply.
Weather-proof silenced canopy which helps to decrease noise levels.
ATS-compatible, and can be easily installed with optional transfer switch.
Large fuel tank for extended running times.

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Deutz series industrial generator sets are entirely our company’s products. The engine and alternator brands used in this series are all Deutz. This series has excellent quality and relatively attractive offers. The performance of this series of generator sets is not inferior to other brands.

Industrial generator sets are available in various sizes and power capacities to accommodate the specific needs of different industries. An industrial generator set consists of several components, including an engine, alternator, control panel, fuel system, cooling system, and exhaust system.

They provide a reliable source of power during emergencies, preventing costly downtime and production losses. Generator sets also offer a flexible power solution which can reduce energy costs.  The industrial generator sets allow industries to operate independently of the electrical grid or supplement the grid during peak demand periods.

Deutz series does not have emission standards. If you are using it for non-professional purposes, this is the best choice.

Deutz series also comes with compact canopy for silent type. It can largely decrease your transportation cost and save your customer’s space. Deutz supports private customized wooden box packaging.

Besides, the large fuel tank, oil heater, water heater, other controller with many different remote and monitoring method is optional.

Contact us to learn more about specifications of Deutz series.


Prime Power (kVA)Standby Power (KVA)Rate Voltage (V)Rate Current (A)Catalogue
DD20KSE18.820.6400/23027.1 Download
DD33KSE29.432.3400/23042.4 Download
DD48KSE42.546.8400/23061.3 Download
DD50KSE46.350.9400/23066.8 Download
DD65KSE5965400/23085 Download
DD85KSE77.585.3400/230111.9 More Details
DD100KSE9099400/230130 Download
DD110KSE103.4113.7400/230149 Download
DD125KSE112.5123.8400/230162.4 Download
DD145KSE133145.8400/230192 Download
DD180KSE168184.3400/230242.5 Download
DD200KSE178.3196400/230257.4 Download
DD210KSE191.3210.4400/230276 Download
DD230KSE210231400/230303 Download
DD250KSE225250400/230324.8 Download
DD280KSE250275400/230361 Download
DD310KSE275313400/230396.9 Download
DD350KSE313350400/230451.8 Download
DD380KSE350375400/230505.2 Download
DD410KSE375413400/230541.3 Download
DD480KSE438475400/230632.2 Download
DD500KSE450500400/230650 Download
DD530KSE475525400/230685.6 Download
DD550KSE500550400/230722 Download
DD570KSE513563400/230740.5 Download
DD590KSE538588400/230776.6 Download
DD600KSE563600400/230812.6 Download
DD750KSE688756400/230993 Download
DD830KSE750825400/2301083 Download


Prime Power (kVA)Standby Power (KVA)Rate Voltage (V)Rate Current (A)Catalogue
DD28KSE2527.5440/25432.8 Download
DD38KSE3538.5440/25445.9 Download
DD53KSE4852.8440/25463 Download
DD66KSE6066440/25478.7 Download
DD75KSE7077440/25491.9 Download
DD90KSE8290.2440/254107.6 Download
DD110KSE98108440/254128.6 Download
DD125KSE112123440/254147 Download
DD140KSE125138440/254164 Download
DD150KSE138151440/254181 Download
DD185KSE168185440/254220 Download
DD220KSE200220440/254262.4 Download
DD230KSE210231440/254275.6 Download
DD245KSE220242440/254288.7 Download
DD275KSE250275440/254328 Download
DD305KSE275303440/254361 Download
DD345KSE313344440/254410.7 Download
DD385KSE350385440/254459.3 Download
DD500KSE450495440/254590.5 Download
DD530KSE475523440/254623.3 Download
DD550KSE500550440/254656.1 Download
DD620KSE562.5618.8440/254738.1 Download
DD760KSE687.5756.3440/254902.1 Download
DD825KSE750825440/254984 Download


External Fuel Tank & Large Base Fuel tank
Enlargen the generator keep-running time with more different litre fuel tank options.
Water Heater
In order to keep the performance and well work under the cold temperature which is under 0 ℃.
Parallel System for Generato
An ATS will sense the power cut and automatically start the generator even if you’re not around. Once the power has been restored, the ATS will again, automatically switch you back to mains power.
Maintainence part
Oil filter / Fuel filter / Air filter


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