Industrial Diesel Generator-EURO Ⅴ

EURO Ⅴ diesel generator which produces up to 66kVA.
Powered by a 1500rpm diesel engine, ideal for ensuring the lifespan of the machine.
Fitted with an AVR alternator to produce a clean energy output.
Housed in a “silenced” weather-proof canopy.
Can be paired with an ATS system for an automatic transfer of power.

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Nowadays the public becomes more and more interested in protecting the environment. EURO Ⅴ series industrial generator sets are very popular in recent years.

Industrial generator sets are available in various sizes and power capacities to accommodate the specific needs of different industries. An industrial generator set consists of several components, including an engine, alternator, control panel, fuel system, cooling system, and exhaust system.

They provide a reliable source of power during emergencies, preventing costly downtime and production losses. Generator sets also offer a flexible power solution which can reduce energy costs.  The industrial generator sets allow industries to operate independently of the electrical grid or supplement the grid during peak demand periods.

EURO Ⅴ emission series generator sets are designed strictly according to emission standards. This is the best choice for professional generator sets. ITC brand’s EURO Ⅴ series unit design is ahead of other brands.

EURO Ⅴ series come with compact canopy for silent type. It can largely decrease your transportation cost and save your customer’s space. ITC supports private customized wooden box packaging.

Besides, the large fuel tank or external tank, oil heater, water heater, other controller with many different remote and monitoring method is optional.

Contact us to learn more about specifications of EURO 5 series.


ModelPrime Power (KVA)Standby Power (KVA)Rate Voltage (V)Rate Current (A)


External Fuel Tank & Large Base Fuel tank
Enlargen the generator keep-running time with more different litre fuel tank options.
Water Heater
In order to keep the performance and well work under the cold temperature which is under 0 ℃.
Parallel System for Generato
An ATS will sense the power cut and automatically start the generator even if you’re not around. Once the power has been restored, the ATS will again, automatically switch you back to mains power.
Maintainence part
Oil filter / Fuel filter / Air filter




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